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Student/Family Support Plan

If you need assistance from teachers/staff use the Student/Family Support Plan to know when they are available and find their contact information.

Have you requested technology for your child? Have you completed the "Student Device Terms of Use Loan Agreement?"

In order to facilitate the iPad distribution process, a completed student device loan agreement (TOU- terms of use) is required for families to receive a device. If you have not completed the TOU, the delivery of the device will be delayed.

Families who previously completed a device request can complete the TOU by using this link and entering either an email address or phone number.

Families can also complete a new request by completing the Remote Learning Device Request Form

Once these agreements are submitted the family will be eligible to receive an iPad.

The TOU agreement states a family understands the iPad is a loan from the DOE. These devices are issued to students to access remote learning and other educational uses during this time. Please be advised that these devices are the property of the DOE and contain hardware that allow the devices to be located if lost or stolen. The devices must be returned when on-site learning resumes, unless otherwise instructed by the DOE. Read the full agreement, here

An Eagle staff member will also reach out to you to ask if you need assistance.

Do you need internet access at home?

Here are some options from Spectrum, AT&T, T-Mobile, Comcast, Sprint and Verizon

Login to PupilPath to track your child's grades


1) To register, we recommend you use a browser (not the app) to access:

2) Click "parent register" and put in the required information. (If you need the student ID or registration code email:

3) It will ask you to create a password afterward. Once you do that, then you can log in using the browser or the app.

Note: There are different codes for parent and student access, please be clear about which code you need.

Create a NYC School Account to get up to date information from the Department of Education

Need to access your son's DOE email accounts? click here