Extended Day Program


At Sheltering Arms NY, we believe that every child and family deserves an equal chance at future success. Our mission is to strengthen the education, wellbeing, and development of children, youth, and families across the New York metro area so that everyone has the support and opportunity needed to maximize their potential. Our Afterschool programs unlock student potential by providing a safe environment for children to develop away from the negative influences on their streets. Our unique combination of project-based learning, character development, and eye-opening opportunities puts at-risk children on track to success.

Sheltering Arms at Eagle Academy for Young Men of Harlem from Harlem Eagle Vision on Vimeo.

Sheltering Arms Afterschool programs act as centers for family and community life. Our events and workshops provide gateways for parent involvement in children’s schooling, and a chance to bond with neighbors, teachers, and staff. Programming provides a safe space for children, as well as peace of mind to parents who work late to support their families.

Program Director-Ms. Johnson