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Social Studies

Eric Collins, U.S.  History Educator

Mr. Collins is a high school social studies educator at the Eagle Academy for Young Men of Harlem. He was born and raised in rural Maine and at the University of Maine he completed his undergraduate degree in political science and his masters in teaching social studies. He is new to New York having only lived here since 2017, but is proud to call this city his new home.

After several years working as a substitute teacher and a paraprofessional in special education classrooms, he took the leap towards being a classroom teacher in 2017, working as a social studies educator at Automotive High School in Brooklyn. He is thrilled to continue to his career and continue to grow at Eagle Academy, and cannot think of a better place to do so.

At the foundation of Mr. Collins’ practice as a social studies educator is the belief that history can serve as inspiration for the present when we view it through the struggles and successes of ordinary people. The many pressing issues in our world today can feel overwhelming, but when we understand that in the past there have been many people who have joined together to fight against injustice and oppression, we can realize that it is possible for us to do this too. I want my students to understand this so that they can know it is possible for them to make the change they want to in their community, their city and beyond.


Keith Johnson, World History Educator