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NameTitleEmail Address
NameTitleEmail Address
Anderson, Adam Associate Educator 
Anderson, Linwood Special Educator 
Andrade, Jackie ENL Educator 
Batton, Brenden  Special Educator, Middle School Team Leader 
Bethea, Mahaliel Principal 
Bouret, Jessica Humanities Educator - Grade 7 
Brathwaite, Seku Math Educator - Grade 10 
Carty, Gerard  Special Educator  
Darby, Kenneth Physical/Health Educator 
Dash, Wayne Math Educator - Grade 6 
Davis, Catrice Assistant Principal 
Davis, Travis Special Educator 
Deverteuil, Nathaniel  Director of Operations 
Easton, Andre  ELA Educator - Grade 11  
Farooq, Ramsha Science Educator - Grade 7 
Fils-Aime, Jean Math Educator - Grade 8 
Francis, Nia Science Educator - Grade 8 
General Information Eagle Academy Harlem General Information 
Graham, Christopher Parent Coordinator 
Henry, Marcel Visual Arts Educator 
Hertzog, Kareem ENL & Business Educator 
Howard, Michael  Math Educator - Grade 7  
Jones, Bianca Administrative Assistant 
Mapp, Sylvia  Guidance Counselor - Grades 8-11  
Meade, Audrey ELA Educator - Grade 10 
Parent Association  Eagle Academy Harlem Parent Association 
Peterson, Andrew Science Educator - Grade 9 & 10 
Post, Darlene School Social Worker 
Prophile, Patrick Dean of Students / Director of Scholar Life 
Ramos, Barbin VE Educator / Technology Coordinator 
Rumble, Chad Special Educator 
Sakyi, Shadrack Math Educator - Algebra I / High School Team Leader 
Simmons, Dionshaleah Humanities Educator - Grade 8  
Tiwana Coleman School Aide 
Trexler, Sarah Science Educator - Living Environment 
Trottman, David Associate Educator 
Ward, Albert Math Educator - Algebra II 
Washington, Lakia Assistant Principal 
Williams, Davine ELA Educator - Grade 9 
Wright, Shahid Science Educator - Grade 6 
Yusuf, Sabana  Humanities Educator - Grade 6  
Showing 41 items