Ms. Subha Ahmed, English Educator

Ms. Ahmed is the English Language Arts educator at the Eagle Academy for Young Men of Harlem. She started her career in youth development twelve years ago in a community based organization before entering the field of education by way of Teach for America. In her roles in youth development, she has be able to create unique programming for teens geared around academic success, study ing abroad, service-learning, cultural identify and healthy lifestyles.

Ms. Ahmed has been with the Department of Education for over five years. She believes that academic support is an integral part of education and is often a missing component in marginalized communities.  She believes in creating a culture of giving, especially to those who have little to no support in fostering their dreams. Ms. Ahmed loves arts and education and is a “foodie” who enjoys traveling.  Teaching and writing her own poetry/spoken word is also one of her favorite pastimes’.